Learn more about RNA biology in these courses offered at UCSD!

Chemistry and Biochemistry

CHEM 209  |  Macromolecular Recognition
Structures and functions of nucleic acids, folding and catalysis of nucleic acids, motifs and domains of proteins, principles of protein-protein interactions, chemistry of protein/DNA and protein/RNA interfaces, conformational changes in macromolecular recognition. Prerequisites: biochemistry background and graduate standing, or approval of instructor.
CHEM 217  |  RNA Structure, Function, and Biology
Selected topics in RNA structure and function, such as the ribosome, ribozyme, antibiotics, splicing and RNA interference, as they relate to the RNA role in gene expression and regulation. Emphasis on techniques to study the dynamics of macromolecular complexes and the mechanism of RNA catalysis. Prerequisites: graduate standing or consent of instructor.
CHEM 219  |  Structure of Biomolecule and Biomolecular Assemblies
A discussion of structures of nucleic acids and proteins and their larger assemblies. The theoretical basis for nucleic acid and protein structure, as well as methods of structure determination including X-ray crystallography, cryoEM, and computational modeling approaches will be covered. Letter grades only. Prerequisites: graduate standing.

Biological Sciences

BGGN 220D  |  Chromatin Structure and Transcriptional Regulation
The course covers chromatin structure and dynamics as well as the regulation of transcription initiation by RNA polymerase II. The format includes lectures and discussion of selected papers. Enrollment restricted to the following major codes: BI77 and BI78.
BGGN 220E  |  Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation
The course covers mechanisms of gene regulation at the post-transcriptional level, including RNA processing, translation, and mRNA turnover. The format includes lectures and discussion of selected papers. Enrollment restricted to the following major codes: BI77 and BI78.
BGGN 237  |  Quantitative Methods in Genetics
(Cross-listed with BIOM 262, CMM 262.) This advanced problem-oriented course will examine experimental design, laboratory methods, and quantitative analytical tools used in genetic and genomic research. Students will analyze supplied data using a variety of software packages. Prerequisites: BGGN 223, or BIOM 252 and BIOM 272, or equivalent. 
BGSE 205G  |  Graduate Research Seminar: Mechanisms of Gene Expression
Discussions of recent research in various aspects of biological research conducted by third- and fourth-year doctoral students in the Division of Biological Sciences. S/U grades only.

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