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San Diego RNA Society Poster Symposium

2130 Bonner Hall, University of California, San Diego
Friday, December 7th (4:30pm - 6:00pm)

San Diego RNA Society is hosting a poster symposium dedicated to current research in RNA science. Come and learn about emerging techniques and discoveries from fellow researchers and students in a casual academic environment. We welcome all topics related to RNA - from studies in aging to molecular regulation to structural biology and many more. Discuss, network, and learn about RNA! Drinks and snacks will be provided. 

We are looking for additional poster presenters! This is an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and obtain constructive feedback from the RNA society. If you would like to showcase your research to other professionals, please send an email to with your name, your affiliations, a brief summary of your proposed presentation topic, and your contact information.

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CMG Research Symposium - RNA: Beyond the Central Dogma

The UCSD Cellular and Molecular Genetics Training Program is hosting a RNA-themed symposium, showcasing both local and visiting professors and their breakthrough research in advancing the field of RNA biology. Located in UCSD's Atkinson Hall, this will be a full-day event with over a dozen professor and student speakers. Breakfast, lunch, and light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend and are encouraged to register!

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About Us

The San Diego RNA Club is a long running seminar series that engages RNA labs across the San Diego RNA community.


Sanford Consortium
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